On the Hills - Primeval Forest, 1960, Ivan Rabuzin, Croatian naive artist

Welcome to the home page of the 2nd Int'l Workshop on Data Science (IWDS 2017)!

The 2nd Int'l Workshop on Data Science (IWDS 2017) will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, on November 30, 2017. The workshop is organized by the Research Unit for Data Science, Center of Research Excellence for Data Science and Cooperative Systems. The scientific program of the workshop consists of invited lectures and oral and poster presentations. The aim of the workshop is to foster interaction between researchers and exchange of new ideas in the diverse area of data science. Furthermore, interaction and networking between researchers and practitioners in industry and government organizations are encouraged.

The workshop audience will include doctoral students, postdocs, and researchers and developers working in academia and industry, who are active in the area of data science theory and applications. The workshop is open to the members of the Centre of Research Excellence for Data Science and Advanced Cooperative Systems and to all other national and international participants interested in data science.

IWDS 2017 Abstract Book is available below!

Sven Loncaric,
Nov 28, 2017, 1:25 AM