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Iwc Ingenieur Watch

iwc ingenieur watch
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IWC Ingenieur IW322701
IWC Ingenieur IW322701
An evergreen, the IWC Ingenieur IW322701. The Ingenieur is the G-Shock of mechanical watches. I've seen pictures of this watch frozen into an icecube (just like I did to my G-Shock), although I believe it can handle the cold, I won't try this myself ;). One of the greatest wristwatches made, in my opinion! Strobist info: Umbrella right of the camera
IWC Vintage Collection Ingenieur Automatic IW323301
IWC Vintage Collection Ingenieur Automatic IW323301
For this shot I was inspired by the official IWC photo's. Their photographer is so good at creating mood shots. I hope I succeeded with this photo. Strobist info: Strobe (1/18th) right from camera, at cardboard diffuser above the camera. One strobe from behind the watch (1/18th) to simulate window light.

iwc ingenieur watch
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