For those who have suffered on the streets. For those who have lost loved ones. For those who are just lost. For those who know that

Pain is Poetry...

Thanks to all those who support my writing!

I was recognized with an Honorable Mention at the

2009 International Latino Book Awards

for my novel Mr. Clean and the Barrio! 

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October 3rd

Libreria Martinez in Santa Ana

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                      Come party with me before the Latino Book Festival in the 

                          family friendly Libreria Martinez in Santa Ana from 6-8p.m. I

                          will be reading from my works, discussing my life, and just

                          hanging out with fellow authors and fans alike. Some time

                          will also be set aside for book signing.Beverages and snacks

                          will be provided and admission is free!


                          Call (714) 973-7900 for details


October 4th

West Hollywood Book Fair

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                         I'll be signing books at the Libreria Martinez booth all day 

                         Sunday October 4th. Look for special guest authors Josefina

                         Lopez, Reyna Grande, and Jim Marquez who will also be with 

                         me signing at the same booth.



October 10th and 11th

Latino Book Festival @ CSULA

Click  Latino Book Festival L.A. for more details...


                               On Sunday October 11th from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. I will be on a 

                               panel with the great Luis Rodriguez, author of Always Running, at   

                               the Latino Book Festival.


                               After that panel, I will be hosting a different panel, "The     

                               Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing", 12:30-1:30 at the Latino Book

                               and Family Festival.  


                                Come by and support all of the Latino authors! The link above will 

                                give you the address, directions, a list of participating authors and  

                                much more.


October 20th 5:00 p.m.

Commerce Public Library

(check back for more details)





What others are saying...


"The world better be ready for one of urban Latinos greatest new voices."

                                                     --Jeff Rivera (Author of FOREVER MY LADY)


"The author does a great job in captivating his audience into a deep barrio story that we all can relate to!"                     

                                                     -- Niyorco  (Author of Lockdown)


"I Wasn't Born a Teacher, which [is} a “violent and poetic novel,” 

 is...a journey complete with stops along the way as a gang member and an alcoholic."



"I Wasn’t Born a Teacher is the tale of one Latino’s gritty and dark life on the streets."



"Gripping from the first page. Romance, blood, and poetry make this book a wild ride. Characters are vivid and their motives passionate. Partly truth partly fiction, this is my new favorite book."



Winner of an Honorable Mention at the 2009 Latino Book Awards!

                                                                          --Latino Book Award Judges



Thank you to,Olveritas Village, Libreria Martinez, and Tia Chucha's for carrying my books and supporting Latino authors!


I Wasn't Born a Teacher is a story of love and redemption in a world full of sin and despair. 

Kabel Garcia is an English teacher in Los Angeles. While proposing to his fiancee in a park, he is drawn into a fight with three crazed thugs looking for an easy target. In the heat of battle his wicked instincts take over, but is his own past full of blood, drugs, and alcohol about to catch up with him? Can he survive his life long enough to enjoy the love he has finally found?

See through the eyes of the romantic psycho and those close to him as he grows to be a man in urban America. The foundation of life is built on savage poetry and ruthless prose in the novel I Wasn't Born a Teacher.

The book is also available on




Mr. Clean and the Barrio is an award winning novel set in dangerous times...the present. After checking into a new school Jacobo gets jumped. Later, he finds out that the guys that jumped him are strapped and looking for blood.

He can't stand the thought of his mother finding out what's happening and he doesn't want his first date with Melody, a girl he secretly likes, to be at his funeral.  Can Jacobo aka Mr. Clean outsmart the Barrio that threatens to take him under or will he become another statistic gunned down by vatos who'll kill him without hesitation?

This award winning book is also available on


Mr. Clean's Familia is part two in the Mr. Clean Series. When Jacob's Tio gets out of jail he pulls Jacob back into the world of gangs, drugs, and violence that he thought he left behind. Torn between wanting to make his mother proud and needing to survive on the streets of Los Angeles, Jacob is forced to become Mr. Clean again. Nothing more than a puppet of the veteranos in the pen, Mr. Clean's girlfriend Melody is the only one that really understands him, but can she show him the real meaning of Familia before it's too late?
Mr. Clean's Familia is a online exclusive, not available on or any other online retailer so order today!






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I Wasn't Born a Teacher


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Burning Stars

Chapter 2 Choices

Chapter 3 Translating Silence

Chapter 4 Carjacking for Kicks

 " private hell began in an alley full of electricity and gunpowder more than ten years ago."

From I Wasn't Born a Teacher


Mr. Clean and the Barrio


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"The truth was he didn’t belong there or anywhere. He was always an outsider, around blacks, around Mexicans, and definitely around white people. Even his father didn’t want him."

-----From Mr. Clean and the Barrio

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"Tío could see something in Jacob’s eyes that was too familiar to him. A piece of his little nephew was dead. His innocence was crumbling like an old brick wall."

-----From Mr. Clean's Familia

 2009 International Latino
Book Award
David Bueno-Hill