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Movie Title :Demolition Man

Frozen in 1996, Phoenix, a convicted killer is "thawed" out for parole well into the 21st century. Revived into a crime free society, Phoenix resumes his murderous rampage, and no one can stop him. Spartan, the cop who captured Phoenix in 1996 has also been cryogenically frozen, this time for a crime he didn't commit. In desperation they turn to Spartan to help recapture Phoenix.

Year : 1993

Genres : Action Comedy Crime Sci-Fi

Rating [imdb] : 6.30

The future isn't big enough for the both of them.

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Actors : Sylvester Stallone=John Spartan Wesley Snipes=Simon Phoenix Sandra Bullock=Lenina Huxley Nigel Hawthorne=Dr. Raymond Cocteau Benjamin Bratt=Alfredo Garcia Bob Gunton=Chief George Earle Glenn Shadix=Associate Bob Denis Leary=Edgar Friendly Grand L. Bush=Zachary Lamb - Young Pat Skipper=Helicopter Pilot Steve Kahan=Captain Healy Paul Bollen=T.F.R. Officer Mark Colson=Warden William Smithers - Young Andre Gregory=Warden William Smithers - Aged John Enos III=Prisoner Troy Evans=Tough Cop Don McGovern=Hopper - Prison Guard (as Don Charles McGovern) Bill Cobbs=Zachary Lamb - Aged Patricia Rive=Police Officer Anneliza Scott=Police Officer

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Directors : Marco Brambilla

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