Who we are

IvyRings is a tele-tutoring service provider for students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college . We provide tutoring service primarily through phone call/skype, instant messaging and emails.

Our tutors are Stanford Ph.Ds in Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry, Materials Science and Electrical Engineering with high academic achievement. We are not only domain experts in our respective fields, but also experienced private tutors in middle school/high school/AP/college level Math (all subjects), Physics (up to AP level), Chemistry (up to AP level), SAT/PSAT/ACT and SAT subject tests.

We believe the best moment of tutoring is when the students are actively engaged in studying, not some fixed appointment time that the students need to wait for. Our tele-tutoring service enable students to start tutoring instantly and at the best moment. Our experience shows that the effectiveness and time-efficiency of our tele-tutoring are far superior to those of traditional in-person tutoring.

For students in San Francisco Bay Area, in-home / in-person tutoring is also available.


One-on-one tele-tutoring through phone call/skype/Vyew, instant messaging and email.

Available hours:

8am-10pm   PST     (Monday to Friday)

10am-10pm  PST     (Saturday and Sunday)


Membership : $600/month

Monthly membership includes 20 hours of  service time (phone call/Skype/Vyew, instant messaging or email).  Additional service time is at the rate of  $35/hour.

Contact Us

Phone : +1 (650) 575 - 3014

Email :  IvyRings@gmail.com