The Outcast screenshots

 Screenshots of a 3D Tibia-compatible client

For the client itself, go to The Outcast is a 3D client compatible with CipSoft's Tibia. It can be used on any server running on Tibia's protocol.

All those numbers are still-unsupported items, which have not been recreated as 3D models. (We have a manpower shortage.)

Version 0.3 


All screenshots can be found here

Version 0.2.6

Shot 1


 Shows how The Outcast of 0.2.6 looks in action. Description is written on picture itself.

Version 0.2.5

Shot 1

Rabbit huntin' area in Rookgaard, near the small building where you can go in underground and hunt rats.

Shot 2

Same area, but closer to the building itself, and with a player nearby.

Shot 3

Character list, Outcast way. (I've cleared out most of my names)

Shot 4

Main square in Rookgaard (place where everyone yells 'sell this' or 'sell that', '50gp' and so on)

Shot 5

Same area, but with some items tossed on the ground and different perspective.

Shot 6

Cipfried's temple from the inside.

Shot 7

...and from a wellknown perspective, but with Outcast's 3D graphics. This perspective is somewhat buggy on most graphic cards, and I don't know why.

Shot 8

 Rookgaard exit bridge.

Shot 9

...and the topview. (You see what I mean when I say buggy...) PS My Radeon 9550 on main PC shows it correctly!

That's about it for now.