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Phil Shinn's Resume


Software architect and speech scientist with over twenty years of experience in new product development and project management. Founder of the Voice Users Interface Design Yahoo Group and principal designer of the Open Source VUID toolkit. Has expertise in linguistics, biometrics, human factors, IVR design and natural language processing:

•    Programming: Python, Java, C, C++, VB, LISP
•    Voice User Interface Design
•    Strategic planning, project estimation, project plan development
•    VXML application and grammar development
•    Custom recognition and TTS lexicon development
•    Speech & IVR application usability assessment
•    Speech recognition and TTS application tuning
•    Speech Application QA
•    RFI & RFP response authoring, SOW authoring
•    Patent development


Morgan Stanley Smith Barney: New York, NY, 04/2010-present
Call Center Engineering
Speech Science, Usability, UI Design, front end development for call center re-engineering of client facing brokerage applications and internal-facing call routing applications.

IVR Design Group: New York, NY, 10/09-04/2010
Voice user interface design, speech application prototyping and development.

Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories: Daly City, CA (Seaside Park, NJ), 4/04-10/09
Principal Consultant, Professional Services Speech Group. 
Performed pre-sales and post-sales technical consulting and design and development of speech applications.

Countrywide Financial: Calabasas, CA, 1/03-4/04
VP Application Development. 
Designed self-service voice applications for mortgage insurance servicing, human resources call routing, privacy preferences setting, credit card activation and pay plan enrollment.

HeyAnita: Los Angeles, CA, 3/01-1/03
Director of Speech Science.
Managed team of linguists, created voice portals for Sprint-PCS, Verizon Wireless and Vodaphone. Developed requirements, call flows, grammars and dictionaries, testing and system tuning.

EnglishXchange: Los Angeles, CA, 1/99-1/06, Consultant building ESL tutoring software.

Hughes Research Labs: Malibu, CA, 9/00-3/01
Technical Consultant, Speech Understanding Research Lab
Developed voice-activated applications for corporate clients, including telematics for GM and air traffic control for Raytheon.

Text Analysis International: Laguna Beach, CA, 8/99-3/01. 
Worked on integrated development environment for creating text analysis applications, such as resume reading.

Indicast: Del Mar, CA, 9/99-1/00
Voice user interface designer and developer.

Unisys: Malvern PA, 1/98-1/00
Technical Consultant
Performed technical pre- and post-sales support for Natural Language Speech Assistant product.

Echobuzz Software: Irvine, CA, 1/98-8/99
Vice President, Research & Development
Developed voice activated voice mail.

Citigroup, Advanced Development Group: Los Angeles, CA 90-98.
Systems Architect 96; Computer Scientist 95; Principal, Technical Staff 92; Technical Staff 90.
Worked in biometrics lab; Built patented multi-lingual IVR system; Analyzed & deployed NLP and translation technologies; Implemented ASR systems for consumer and corporate financial services, including auto-attendants & phone banking; Implemented voice input & output for FX trading, patent issued; Assessed and selected vendors of telecom technologies for trading floors; Designed SEI CMM SDM for R&D department.

LSI: Woodland Hills, CA, 90-95, 99.  Speech Consultant.
Developed speech to speech translation device for military intelligence.

Speech Systems: Tarzana, CA 84-89. Director, Contract Research 86; Technical Staff 84
Coded acoustic phonetic features, dictionaries, grammars and tools; Wrote proposals for and managed activity on government and privately sponsored contract R&D, including programs for DARPA, DOD, FAA, NASA, DOE, & DOT.

Language Systems: Providence, RI, 83-84.  Programmer. 
Worked on a grammar checker for word processing.  Code licensed to Houghton Mifflin and delivered in Microsoft Word.


Ph.D., Linguistics, Brown University, thesis in acoustics of speech.


•    US5794218: Automated multilingual interactive system.
•    US5806050: Electronic transaction terminal for vocalization of transactional data.
•    US6529586: System for secure telephonic transmission of audio data.
•    US6655585: System and method of biometric smart card user authentication.
•    US7376622: System for automated debiting and settling of financial transactions

Selected Publications & Presentations

“The Impact of Voice Talent Persona Selection on Intelligibility for the Elderly,” SpeechTek, New York, 8/2009
“Improving Alphanumeric Recognition,” SpeechTek, New York, 8/2009

“DTMF and/or Speech,” SpeechTek, New York, 8/2008

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