Weighing Scales: Educational


Ohaus: Primer
  • • Made of virtually unbreakable plastic
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Inexpensive, yet accurate
The Ohaus Primer Balance (80410-00) is an inexpensive tool for teaching the basic concepts of mass and mass measurement, the Primer Balance is easy to use and clean, yet sensitive to 1 g. Made entirely of plastic, and virtually unbreakable, each bucket has a volume of 500ml, which makes it ideal for many simple classroom experiments, with both liquids and solids.

Ohaus: School Balance
The Ohaus School Balance (SB1200) is the ideal teaching tool to introduce elementary and middle school students to the science of metrology and has a pivoting beam that provides accuracy to 0.5 gram divisions. The interchangeable red square pans are easily removable for pouring, cleaning, and storing. With a capacity of 2000 grams, mass measurements can be achieved for small items such as paper clips, marbles and coins as well as heavier objects such as books. This versatility makes the Ohaus School Balance a valuable part of any science curriculum.