Slicers: Semi-Automatic


Bizerba: VS12D-V
Professional semi-automatic slicer


The VS12D-V is particularly suitable for slicing sausage meat, ham, bacon, smoked meats, cooked meat, steak and even cheese. It is ideally suited to the butchery trade, for retailers, deli counters, bakeries and caterers. In short, wherever there is a demand for a high level of flexibility and an inviting, decorative presentation of sliced produce.

For this purpose the VS12D-V offers five different layout patterns with comprehensive, simple pre-­select options and a memory function for the platter layout.

The VS12D-V gives safe, clean and fast slicing results from the first to the last slice. This is made possible by its powerful, low­noise blade drive linked to the proven high quality blade, made from specialist, hard wearing, chrome plated steel. The adjustable product holder located directly adjacent to the slicing point firmly supports the product as it travels towards the slicer blade.

The carriage with its large product area is finished in anodised aluminium. The carriage guide bearings located securely inside the motor housing ensure the carriage glides with ease. The back wall of the carriage features a wide hand guard. The guard plate (with detachable remnant holder) is made of strong, transparent, food grade plastic.

In the past, presenting sliced meats in a decorative layout was very labour intensive and demanded skilled and talented operators. The VS12D-V with its electronically controlled layout function offers a host of new opportunities. The cut slices are laid out automatically without manual handling and are immediately ready for presentation.

Perimeter guarding and the lowe­red carriage design for ease of handling ensure fast, non­-tiring working conditions.

As a special option the slices can also be presented in a round layout for ready prepared plates of cold meats.