Slicers: Fully-Automatic


Bizerba: A406FB
Professional fully-automatic slicer for continuous operation


Carriage with integral motorized product infeed; product holder retracts once all slices have been cut. Programmable, continuously variable stroke adjustment from 30 to 55 strokes/minute.

First-class hollow ground blade retains its edge well. Hard chromium-plated. Blade diameter 330 mm. High slicing performance guaranteed and good slicing quality ensured by additional gripper.

Automatic slice thickness adjustment according to program (slice thickness 0.5 - 12 mm).

Well laid-out operator panel with drip-proof membrane keypad and clearly legible LC display with graphics capability.

200 user programs can be stored and called by numeric code. A program can contain the following slicing parameters:

  • Number of slices, portions, carriage strokes
  • Product size
  • Slice thickness
  • Form of slice presentation
  • Single or double stack
  • Shingling with variable slice spacing from 3 to 40 mm
  • Flat shingling
  • Slice position

Cleaning program selected at the push of a button: the thickness setting is automatically zeroed and the carriage released for swinging up; all other machine functions are disabled.

Blade sharpening program at the push of a button: the blade is automatically opened for attaching the sharpener. The motor is started to initiate the sharpening operation with a second keystroke.

Variant with stainless steel chain conveyor to feed a receiving tray. The conveyor is quickly and securely attached to the drive unit. If stacking in portions is selected, the belt executes a compensating movement to ensure straight stacks. Slicing is not interrupted when the belt advances. The drive unit combines the support and drive functions for the portion conveyor. The conveyor is easy to detach for simple cleaning.

The slicer has been approved for safety and hygiene according to EC Machines Directive 89/392/EEC by an accredited test laboratory under registered design test nos. 94106 (A 406 FB) and GS safety test no. 94107 (A 400 FB). The EC Declaration of Conformity contained in the operating manual verifies compliance with the regulations.


  • Stainless steel machine stand with steering casters and brake
  • Cheese blade (Teflon coated) instead of standard blade