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Why is it important to calibrate your scale?
The calibration of a scale refers to the establishment of a relationship of your measuring device with an accepted standard. In other words, calibration simply involves checking how accurate your scale can get. Since the scales are used to make measurements for specific purposes, it does not need any elaboration that the greater the accuracy of the measurement, the higher will be the effectiveness of the instrument to fulfill the requirements.

Accuracy makes a scale

What good is a scale if it is not even able to make measurements accurately? But unfortunately and ironically, this is often the case with scales. Make sure that you use high quality scales from reliable manufacturers/distributors offering calibration services to overcome this problem.

Just buying a calibrated scale is not good enough. Scales, like other machinery, are also prone to wear and tear and their performance and accuracy is affected as time elapses. This is why you need to get your scales calibrated regularly in order to extract the best performance from them.

Obviously simply getting your scales calibrated from just another calibrating service is not enough. You need to be absolutely sure about the reliability and quality of a calibrating service before you choose it for the calibration of your scales. You must always focus on quality and make sure that the calibrating service is applying international quality control and calibration standards to carry out the needful.

Determine the caliber of your calibrating service

Calibrating your scales is of utmost importance for the useful life of the equipment that you have invested in and to extract maximum benefit from it for the purpose it has been serving. However, for this sensitive task, and to make sure that your investment is in good hands, you must satisfy yourself with the quality of your calibrating service.
Scale Calibration
Regular scale calibration and maintenance can prevent or maintain the following:
  • Unnecessary repair costs
  • Correct weight readings
  • Increased working life
  • ISO9001 traceability
    Portelli Weighing Systems have service contracts with many major clients in the manufacturing industry, retail, banking and medical. Many clients that we work with have been customers for many years, this is down to the high level of service they are given. Many customers like to be able to hand over their duties to Portelli Weighing Systems who tailor service packages to meet each customers exact requirements.
    Calibration records can be supplied as hard copies or via emailable PDF documents. Certificates will never go missing again.
    Portelli Weighing Systems strive to be the number one supplier of premium weighing equipment that ensure purchases today and in the future.
    Service Contract Benefits:

    • Comprehensive calibration documentation & service reports (if required)
    • Swap out scales in the event of unit removal from site
    • Calibrated scales are more accurate, limiting wastage & over supply
    • Serviced scales last longer, protecting your investment in capital equipment.
    Portelli Weighing Systems employs managers and technicians with relevant training and experience in the metrology field. Our current staff averages 8-20 years of experience in scale calibration and repair disciplines.