This is our trip through America's Heart land. 


 These waterfalls are in Eastern Idaho, just south of Montana on the Snake River. They are called The Mesa Falls.

A historic Inn is at the top of upper Mesa Falls.  It tells the history of the Inn and falls.  There is a mile long trail that goes from the upper to the lower falls.  The trail is very wide and easy to hike untill you reach the lower falls.  The end of the trail extends down a steep drop from a plateau just above the falls.  After climbing over a few bolders on the side of the falls a person can stand right next to the lower fall and touch the water!

 All of the following pictures were taken while traveling through Yellowstone. We first traveled through Yellowstone in the summer of 2007.  We went back again in July of 2008 as part of my wife's family reunion in Island Park, Idaho.


Norris Geyser Basin


 This was a fun day with my wifes family.  We walked all along the board walk.  By the time we had finnished with the basin the younger kids were ready to call it a day.


 This is a common scien all around the park.  There are many springs that provide no public access.  Venture in at your own risk.  Many of the springs can burn you instantly! The steam in my pictures shows up in 80 degree weather. They are not kidding when they say "Stay on the path".





Steam Boat Geyser 


I tried to captur the way that the water bubbled up in this area.

 These are some small clips I took of the trip.



 Water from the springs are flowing at an almost constant rate. Who knows, maybe this will be another great canyon in a million years?


Dispite the harsh tempatures of the springs and geysers life thrives all around this area.  The contrasts of green and blue makes images that are very pleasing to the eyes.



I was going for a panoramic view. I instead I just got a tilted picture.  I still think it is an interesting affect.


Pearl Geyser


Porkchop Geyser

It no longer looks like a porkchop due to a thermal explosion that occured in 1989.


We visited these places on our trip along the south loop in 2007. 





Apparently Bison don't need crossing gaurds. 







 Old Faithful


Click on any pic for a close up.








At This point it was getting dark and the photos had to be altered in order to see the Elk in them.


Into South Dakota

At this point we had been traveling for quite some time on the Road.  If we had more time to rest this part of the trip would have been way more enjoyable.

The two monuments!  One a monument to the great leaders of the United States.(Mount Rushmore)  The other is a monument to the couragous spirt of the Native American. (Crazy Horse





Here weare in the Badlands. Here is where we setteled down for the night at a KOA.  In the morning we enjoyed a little hiking through this amazing landscape.  Truly one of the wonders of God's Creations.