The Lexington
We spent some time on the Lexington

The Way Back


The other part of the trip.


Mission Walking Tour

We spent all day, as a matter of fact.

It was a great experiance.  The ship is full of rich history. You really get a feel for how navel men in the 1940s lived. It also brings home the great sacrifice that many paid during the second world war.

Us in front of a KA-3B Skywarrior!



Arrr! Like shootin ducks in a barrel.



On the flight deck there are a lot of historical planes. Everything from dope and fabric to record breaking jets. 

She likes to go fast!

 The F-14 was Marian's favorite.


The A6 Intruder is one that I love.


The Port of Corpus Christi, the Aquarium, the bridge, and my beautiful bride. Heck YA!


The Island



An Early Jet Turbine Engine

This is why I didn't join the Navy. I can't even imagine being out at sea for months!



We bought a model of the Avenger in the gift shop. It is still under construction.