Corpus Christi & Port Aransas
Corpus Christi is named after the feast day celebrating the "Body of Christ." 

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The Lexington


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Marian and I spent two days in Corpus in 2007.  One day we spent at the USS Lexington and the next day we explored the Texas State Aquarium.

Corpus is a nice town.  The refineries around the town kind of bring it down in value.  Still there are quite a few things to do there.  I would not recommend staying for any extended length of time.

These are some pics around town.



Cristóbal Colón and his amazingly small ships!

There are a few museums around the city.  Because it was a holiday when we came to visit we were unable to actually go into the city museums.  We took the photograph of the Niña replica on the docks a little way from our hotel.  The other picture of the Pinta and the Santa Maria was taken over the fence looking into the Corpus Christi Museum of Natural Science and History.  We also looked into going to the Art Museum, but they were also closed.  One Museum we were able to visit was the Texas Surf Museum, dedicated to the history of surfing in Texas.  If surfing is your interest this might be a place to visit.  Personally I never took up surfing.  Texas coasts do not produce very large swells.  Still there are quite a few surfers in Texas that look and wait patiently for a good wave. 


This is the Texas Surf Museum.  Surfing in Texas! Who Knew?!

 Selena Vive!! Just kidding.

That's mi esposa!

Around the statue you can find many rosaries and flowers.  I felt that the sad part  was all the people that had written messages on the tiles.  I don't think it was the intention of the family to have the site vandalized.  For those that truly loved Selena there is a museum dedicated solely to her.  There are many people I have talked to in San Antonio that still remember her hanging out downtown in the clubs.


Port Aransas



 The Ships of Port Aransas





Padre Island National Seashore

Ok so this wasn't exactly around town, but it wasn't too far away.  This is me scrounging around on North Padre Island Beach.  For my wife the most memorable part of this Beach was all the Man-O-Wars washed up on the shore.  She is now scared to go in the water.  I say silly girl. The park has a very long shore line that is great for beachcombing.  There is lots of wildlife.  Our time here was limited.  I look forward to going back and camping some time.