The Imperial Valley Mathematics Project (IVMP) was a grant funded by the California Mathematics Project using both federal and state money. IVMP, based at San Diego State University, Imperial Valley, aimed to support a variety of professional development programs in mathematics for Imperial County teachers. The project is not currently in operation, but you can check out our past programs on the left.

The San Diego Mathematics Project has taken over running some of the professional development in the Imperial Valley. Here is a current announcement about our programs. All programs are currently provided free to teachers.


Marco Arellano, former co-director of IVMP and current co-director of SDMP for Imperial Valley programs

Marco Arellano is a singe-subject mathematics teacher at Kennedy Middle School in El Centro. He enjoys using technology in his teaching. He also coaches KMS's mathematics teams for Imperial Valley Mathematics Competition. He can be reached at

E-mail: marellano$ecesd.org (replace $ with @)

Imre Tuba, former director of IVMP

Imre Tuba used to teach at SDSU-IV. He lives in El Centro and holds a Ph.D. in mathematics. His research interests are algebra, bioinformatics, and mathematics education research. He can be reached at

E-mail: imretuba$gmail.com (replace $ with @)
Tel: (760) 352-8380
Jeff Burt, former research associate for IVMP

Jeff Burt used to conduct research on math education in connection with IVMP's programs. In fact, if you participated in any of IVMP's programs, including STRIVE, you may still get an occasional call or e-mail from Jeff as he is updating his research data. Jeff is currently a graduate student in mathematics at SDSU. An SDSU-IV alumnus, he is now working on his master's thesis on certain computational problems in Garside groups. He plans to teach in community college when he graduates. He can be reached at

E-mail: sdsuivstrive$gmail.com (replace $ with @)