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Ivive is a family company; and as a family we care of everything we do and we treat our clients in a family mood with respect and seriousness.  

Based on China as a known "kitchen & tableware broker" during the first years, we gain experience to set up a melamine factory in order to have the entire control of every aspect of the production process and to please our long term clients. 

We were always aware of clients are coming to China looking for a better opportunities for their business but they are in need of responsible suppliers who really care of what they do and who really follow their desires; that's why you definitely won't regret to choose Ivive for your melamine tableware products.

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We were always aware that clients come to China to look for "differentiation" for their portfolios; they need to survive in such a raced markets, so that's why our focus have being different, and we do from the design, this is our strength.

Our products have a unique personality, color and composition sense.

We have experience working for retailers, wholesales, boutique stores and also for many recognized brands.


Our team speak Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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