Aberdeen University Scottish Dance Society presents: 
IVFDF 2012 in Aberdeen
on Friday 2nd March 
to Sunday 4th March 2012

Thank you to everyone who came! 
See you next year!

The Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival (or IVFDF) is the country's longest continually running folk festival, aimed at students and anyone who feels they can keep up. Each year, a different university has the honour (and heavy task) to run it. IVFDF is a non-stop weekend based (fairly broadly) around traditional forms of music and dance. It is an exciting and dynamic festival held at a different university each year. IVFDF has been running since 1951 and is the country's longest continually running folk festival. The tour so far spans over 20 locations as far apart as Exeter in the south and St Andrews in the north. We're now pushing the boundary up to Aberdeen (It's closer than you think!). So, meet us on Friday 2nd March 2012 and dance with us until Sunday 4th, if you hold that long!

The festival is open to students and non-students, former students, never-been-a students, dancers, folkies, ceilidh monsters, newies, regulars, anyone, everyone and you, so join us for a packed weekend of music and dancing, ceilidhs, workshops, sessions, dance displays and more!

We have an exciting and eclectic mix of concert and ceilidh, traditional and modern line-up for the weekend. Something for every breed of folkie out there. We hope you’ll be as excited as we are. We’ll leave you in suspense for a few clicks longer and send you off to explore the “What’s on” links over there on your left. Go on. Go see!

We’ve been busy lining up a pretty awesome programme of workshops to fill your daytime. You’ll find plenty of the old favourites and IVFDF staples, alongside a generous helping of the new and unusual - to keep those IVFDF old lags amongst us entertained. Once again, over there on your left

See Beginners Guide and What's on? for more info.

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