I've lost my lottery ticket! What should I do?

If your lottery price tag isn't registered to a Winners Circle, Players Club, Tatts Card or Easiplay Club card, you may ought tocomplete a Lost or broken {ticket|price tag|price price tag} Search kind which can assist North American country in locating your ticket in our lottery system. If you've got lost multiple price tagyou may ought to complete one kind per lost ticket.

Lost or broken price tag Search form:

For lottery tickets purchased in Australian state
For lottery tickets purchased in New South Wales and therefore the national capital Territory
For lottery tickets purchased in Victoria, Tasmania and therefore the territorial dominion
For lottery tickets purchased in Australian state
Please note that a quest fee of $15 or $22 for South Australian customers applies and should be paid either in-person, by Debit or Visa mastercard or cheque before the search continuingmade claims are going to be paid once the below claim periods:

Victoria, Tasmania, territorial dominion & Queensland: four weeks once the draw
New South Wales & Australia Capital Territory: eight weeks once the draw
South Australia: twelve months once the draw
Once you've got completed the shape, please forward to the address indicated within the relevant Lost or broken price tagSearch kind.

For tickets registered to a membership program

If you're a Winners Circle, Players Club, Tatts Card or Easiplay member and you lose your lottery price tag registered to your card, please decision North American country on 131 868. Once we have a tendency to verify your identity we are able toorganize for a cheque or free price tag certificate to be mail-clad to you created dead set the name(s) and address of the parties registered on your card.

If you lose your price tag beside your card, please decision North American country like a shot on 131 868 therefore we are able to place a 'Stop Payment' on your price tag which can forestall anyone else from claiming your prize, only if the prize has not however been paid.