Bibliography: Math and Art

Mathematics and Art

A list of Web articles, books, and other resources that bring together mathematics and art. The following listing also provides links to Web sites and pages devoted to the artworks of particular artists and mathematicians.

Books, Associations, and Meetings

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Information about the International Society for the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture can be found at

Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science

Additional Resources: Math Awareness Month 2003

Peterson, Ivars. 2001. Fragments of Infinity: A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics and Art. New York: Wiley.

Ivars Peterson's MathTrek

Knitting Network

A Polyhedron with a Hole

Art of the Tetrahedron, Revisited

Form Plus Function

Quark Park

Möbius at the Shopping Mall

Quilting Pi

Papercraft Polyhedra

Shadows of the Fourth Dimension

A Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

Fermat's Natural Spirals

Sea Shell Spirals

Knot Divided in Snow

Artful Routes

Sphere Worlds

A Measure of Beauty

Anatomy of a Bead Creature

Turning a Snowball Inside Out

Sculpting with a Twist


Strolling Down Möbius Lane

Hyperbolic Five

Recycling Topology

The Colors of an Equation's Roots

Constructing Domino Portraits

Fractured Granite, Fractal Prints

A Graceful Sculpture's Showy Snow Crash

Fold-and-Cut Magic

A Fibonacci Fountain

Golden Blossoms, Pi Flowers

Fractal Roots and Artful Math

Crystal Möbius

A Snowy Twist

Algebraic Hearts

Sand Drawings and Mirror Curves

Art of Pursuit

Pursuing Pursuit Curves

Möbius Accordion

Immersed in Klein Bottles

White Narcissus

Mathematical Art on Display

Möbius at Fermilab

Scrambled Grids

Art of the Grid

Turtle Tracks

Möbius and His Band

Punctured Polyhedra

Puzzling Lines

Sliding Pi

Math Trails in Ottawa

A Minimal Winter's Tale

Geometry out of Africa

Art of the Tetrahedron

Sculpture Generator

Jackson Pollock's Fractals

Möbius in the Playground

Plane Patterns

Minimal Snow

Special Topics

Modular origami and Pascal's triangle

Fibonacci numbers, golden rectangles, and art:

Artists and Mathematicians

Josef Albers

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Thomas Banchoff

Bruce Beasley

Max Bill

Anna Campbell Bliss

Mel Bochner

Bob Brill

Harriet Brisson

David Cervone

Benigna Chilla

Sara Clark

Brent Collins

Salvador Dali

Charles Demuth

Agnes Denes

Jose De Rivera

Stewart Dickson

Douglas Dunham

Albrecht Dürer

M.C. Escher

Helaman Ferguson

Mike Field

George Francis

Robinson Fredenthal

Nat Friedman

Charles Ginnever

Bathsheba Grossman

Susan Happersett

George W. Hart

Al Held

Tom Hull

Robert Indiana

Slavik Jablan

Alfred Jensen

Jasper Johns

Adrienne Klein

Leonardo da Vinci

Sol LeWitt

Allen Linder

Robert Longhurst

Vonda N. McIntyre

Clement Meadmore

Piet Mondrian

Henry Moore

Eleni Mylonas

Marlena Novak

Joe Overstreet

Chris K. Palmer

Douglas D. Peden

I.M. Pei

Charles O. Perry

Howardena Pindell

Mark Pomilio

Richard Purdy

George Rickey

Tony Robbin

John Robinson

Dorothea Rockburne

Frank Rothkamm

Irene Rousseau

Carlo Séquin

Arthur Silverman

John F. Simon, Jr.

John Sims

Clifford Singer

Kenneth Snelson

Arlene Stamp

John Sullivan

Keizo Ushio

Koos Verhoeff

Roman Verostko

Joan Waltemath

Elizabeth Whiteley

Robert R. Wilson