Communicating Mathematics

Communicating Mathematics

This course introduces students majoring in mathematics, computer science, and related fields to the techniques used by professional science writers to communicate technical subjects to the public. Students enrolled in the course hone their writing skills through weekly assignments. They gain exposure, through guest speakers, to varied careers that combine knowledge of mathematics or science with an ability to communicate technical material to nonscientists, scientists in other fields, and colleagues.

The course also provides students with an understanding of how news media cover mathematics and science and how they, as future mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and educators can contribute to the public understanding of mathematics and science.

The emphasis is on clear, accessible writing and the development of a style that may be useful for term papers, abstracts, journal articles, theses, dissertations, technical reports, proposals, instruction manuals, and presentations. Classroom discussions, student presentations, and case studies are important components of the course.

MATH 4827/5827, Spring 2008
East Tennessee State University

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