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2009. James Stewart and the House That Calculus Built. 29(August/September):4-6.

Science News

2007. Games Theory: Online play can help researchers tackle tough computational problems. 171(March 17):170-172.

2006. Swirling Seas, Crystal Balls: Spirals of triangles crinkle into intricate structures. 170(Oct. 21):266-268. 

2006. Chaotic Chomp:  The mathematics of crystal growth sheds light on a tantalizing game. 170(July 22):58-60.

2006. All Square: A surprising, far-reaching overhaul for theories about quadratic expressions. 169(March 11):152-153.

2005. Archival Science: Rediscovered photos provide a look inside the 1925 Scopes evolution trial. 168(Dec. 24):408-409.

2005. Surface Story: Inspired by spiral soap films, mathematicians zero in on a novel, economical, and infinite helix. 168(Dec. 17):393-394.


2001. Touring the scientific Web. Science Communications 2(March):246-255.

2000. Science News Online: Beyond hits and page views. Journal of Electronic Publishing 5(March).

1991. Searching for new mathematics. SIAM Review 33(March):37-42.

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