Leaks from Aviation Insiders

posted May 31, 2009, 10:46 AM by Ivan Ivanoff   [ updated Jun 1, 2009, 11:44 AM ]

denokan @ aviaforum.ru

"It was the bloody fucking doom. It was exactly what I had been always afraid of. The crew flew off the handle and lost all senses and anything, that they were taught about flying. It came to the very sad end.
They did not follow procedures from the beginning of the flight till the end. They told obscenities instead of standard conversation formulae. They did not do pre-landing checks. They discussed persons and matters having had nothing to do with what they did at that moment. They used A/T which was not operational. They switched A/P off unintentionally while having activated Mach Trimmer (Speed Trimming System). Then one of them turned the yoke left while the other one was trying to turn right by pedals.
Isn't it enough for you? Everything I've written above is no more secret for quite a crowd."

Source: denokan @ aviaforum.ru
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Discussion: Almost everything is proven by the IAC report.

Bredonosec @ airbase.ru

"- They climbed because they switched the autopilot off and then pushed throttles forward, this produced the positive pitching torque. There was an engine thrust difference having reached 4500 lbf too. Further flight was only a struggle with the aircraft, that was not going to turn right on course 360. The aircraft tended left instead.
- Why did they move throttles?
- They lost the speed.
Source: Bredonosec @ airbase.ru 3/23/2009 [12:04am]
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Discussion: IAC's reconstruction shows throttle levers were indeed moved forward. It is not yet reliable enough the autopilot was switched off right after the 4th turn.

Мимо идущий @ forumavia.ru

"Мимо идущий: 
In the beginning of October of this year air operations directors and the heads of inspection departments of air companies were gathered for briefing in the office of Federal Bureau for Supervision of Transportation in St.-Petersburg. The preliminary analysis of the catastrophe was disclosed to them, including stitching records from all available flight recorders. Ask those briefing participants what they think about the causes of that accident.
And it does turn out to be worth serious reflection, if co-pilot looks desperately for the altimeter, if autopilot was switched off unintentionally and no one in the crew noticed that, etc. It is simply painful..."
Source: Мимо идущий @ forumavia.ru 30/10/2008 [8:49:26pm]
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Discussion: It looks like the mystery of uncontrolled climb is solved. The co-pilot is suggested to be unable to read the altimeter on time, he could not fetch this automatically with his eyes. This is perfectly proven by IAC reports.

Petrovi4 @ forumavia.ru

"to Admin:
If you are aware of what they were doing with throttle levers... then the cockpit talks record should remain "for internal use only" for long time. We seem to get quite accurate information from various sources by now... That's really sad the guys did such a mistake. RIP. And for others this means new pages of flying experience written "in blood"."
Source: Petrovi4 @ forumavia.ru 30/10/2008 [5:07:47pm]
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Discussion: This is extremely important remark. The aviation insiders have already acquired access to the recordings of the conversation between pilots in cockpit before crash.
These records can not be disclosed certainly to avoid panic amongst passengers (and not to influence the process of settling this deal between all interested parties). 
We can suggest, basing on this remark, that pilots manipulated throttles wrongly, when trying to react upon some uneasy development of events. They might also modify or break illegally the function of throttles.

Дядя @ forumavia.ru

"denokan-that's true......."[in the response to denokan's previous posting] "Everything looks very sad though in this particular case. Especially, all those things, which were later expressed in diplomatic language as "procedures of the work and in-crew interaction were not followed by pilots". " [this is the reference to the statement of Kurzenkov].
Source: Дядя @ forumavia.ru 30/10/2008
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Discussion: The pilots' talk show they were not sufficiently familiar with the craft they operated, "Мимо идущий"  seconds this. 
The pilots might also have been quarreling during the approach.

IAC's reconstruction of last minutes of flight

Shows flight instruments and devices in the cockpit.
Source: vesti.ru 2/10/2009
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Discussion: Official reconstruction of last minutes of flight issued by IAC's Technical Commission.  Matches well preliminary unofficial model. Thus the fidelity of unofficial model and its founding data increases.