One of the leaders of Otpor, practitioner of nonviolent resistance, one of the designers of AFMP video game

Ivan Marovic is one of the founders of Otpor, student resistance movement that played a critical role in the downfall of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000. As one of the most public of the organizations members, speaking often at rallies and marches, Marovic became Otpor's representative in the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) coalition. There he took part in planning and preparations for elections and protests that took place when Milosevic attempted to falsify ballots.

After the successful democratic transition in Serbia, Marovic began consulting with various prodemocracy groups worldwide and became one of the leading trainers in the field of strategic nonviolent conflict.

In 2004 Marovic was hired by York Zimmerman Inc. to work on a video game that teaches activists how to use nonviolent action in their struggle for social change.

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