I am a multidisciplinary researcher in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, with experience in several topics including feature extraction, motion segmentation, shadow detection, tracking, laser and image object detection, robot companion, human-robot interaction, deep learning, motion capture and virtual reality.

I have actively participated in several European and National research projects, working within different multicultural and multidisciplinary groups. I especially enjoyed working in technological transfer processes, going beyond pure research towards developing applications for real problems.

I find myself especially motivated for confronting new issues. I enjoy learning and I like to work as part of a motivated team.

• Computer vision
• Image processing
• Machine learning
• Motion capture

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2017 C. Malleson, M. Kosek, M. Klaudiny, I. Huerta, JC. Bazin, A. Sorkine-Hornung, M. Mine,
K. Mitchell
“Rapid One-Shot Acquisition of Dynamic VR Avatars”, in VR [project website]
2016 S. Andrews, I. Huerta, T. Komura, L. Sigal, K. Mitchell “Real-time Physics-based Mo
tion Capture with Sparse Sensors”
in CVMP [project website]
2016 C. Koniaris, I. Huerta, ..., K. Mitchell “IRIDiuM: Immersive Rendered Interactive Deep Media”, in VR Village ACM SIGGRAPH [project website]

 2015 selected papers:

Huerta, Ivan, Carles Fernández, Carlos Segura, Javier Hernando, and Andrea Prati.
"A deep analysis on age estimation" Pattern Recognition Letters (2015).
More results and info in the  [project website]

Huerta, Ivan, Marco Pedersoli, Jordi Gonzàlez, and Albert Sanfeliu.
"Combining where and what in change detection for unsupervised foreground learning in surveillance" Pattern Recognition 48, no. 3 (2015): 709-719.
Databases available and more results and info in the [project website with databases]

Huerta, Ivan, Michael B. Holte, Thomas B. Moeslund, and Jordi Gonzàlez.
"Chromatic shadow detection and tracking for moving foreground segmentation" Image and Vision Computing 41 (2015): 42-53.
Databases available and more results and info in the [project website with databases


My original website with more information about my old papers, databases, and results: