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    Committee Description Chairperson
    (RHA Representative)

     Academic Initiatives and Services

    The committee discusses the thematic communities, living and learning communities and how they operate.
    Hana Horton 
    VP Student Affairs


    Student Transportation Board (Bus)

    Responsible for offering recommendations to improve the current campus bus system. 

    Sarah Wells 

    Sarah Williams
    Collins President


    Campus Housing Advisory Commission (CHAC)  discusses issues related to housing and campus in general. Representatives include faculty RPS Staff and RHA students. 

    Sarah Wells


    Funding Board
    Allocates and provides funding to campus programs, organizations, and awareness efforts.
    Bozhen Liu 
    Director of Finance

     Internal Affairs

    Chaired by the director of Internal Affair and discusses issues pertaining to RHA and its internal structure and issues.

    Sashangar Sreetharan
    VP of Internal Affairs 



     Meal Plan

    Committee that reviews the dining facilities on campus including:c-stores, kiosks, and the dining halls.

    Sashangar Sreetharan
    VP of Internal Affairs

     Rates & Budget

    Works with RPS on issues related to housing rates and the RPS budget. 

    Caitlyn Swearingen
    USC President  

     Space Utilization

    Advises the RPS administrators on how to effectively allocate, redesign, and decorate space within the residence halls.


    Programming Board

    Representatives from across the residence hall system plan and implement campus wide programs for residence hall students.

    Li Pietruszka
    VP of Programming 

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