Hurricane Statement from the IU Residence Hall Association

Dear Students of Indiana University,

Our thoughts and hearts go out to the victims of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Katia. The devastation that has happened over the last week and a half due to these hurricanes is alarming to the entire country. Residents on campus have families and loved ones affected by these storms, and we understand the importance of action during this time. RHA will be sending donations to both Texas and Florida, and we urge IU students and faculty to make donations as well. There are many ways to donate, but monetary donations are being accepted by:

In this time of need, please keep your fellow classmates in your thoughts, and remember the value of a smile and a sympathetic ear. If you or someone you know have been affected by these natural disasters, remember that CAPS provides each student with 2 free walk-in sessions that can be used to discuss and provide mechanisms for coping. RHA tries to ensure the residence halls are a home for students, and part of feeling at home is feeling supported. If we can do anything to help you in the days and weeks ahead, don’t hesitate to email us at 

In Good Times and Bad,

IU Residence Hall Association

DACA Statement From the IU Residence Hall Association
Dear Students of IU,

The Indiana University Residence Hall Association is disappointed in the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA. We fully support the idea that undocumented immigrants who come to America as children and who only improve our nation by striving to better themselves alongside us deserve a place where they can feel safe and accepted. Until recently, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program made America that place. DACA helped to realize the American dream for a population of immigrants who prove that you can be a critical member of our community without citizenship. 

RHA calls on Congress to act quickly and with compassion. It is time to codify the protections for our fellow Americans that have received strong bipartisan support across the country and that have passed both the Senate and the House in the past. Even President Trump recognized that DACA cannot and must not end without a legislative replacement. RHA joins with Indiana University and other civic-minded organizations around the country to call for congressional action. We need to end this uncertainty and reopen America’s arms to the Dreamers who will only continue to make this country a better place.

To all IU students who feel the same way: join the conversation. Contact your congressional representative and let them know how you feel.

Indiana 9th Congressional District: Trey Hollingsworth:
House of Representatives Search:


IU Residence Hall Association

DACA Statement from Residential Life Director Andi Cailles:

Dear IU Residential Life Community, 

I am responding to the current Administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). Enforcement of the end of this program will be delayed for six months unless Congress enacts legislation where DACA becomes law ( “The termination of this program impacts students…and so many others contributing to their families, communities, and to the country, they call home (”  And so, I have another opportunity to be a voice for change, a voice that makes clear, all are welcome here.


As the leader of Residential Life at Indiana University, I am moved to use my voice to state, you and I are a part of community that is deeply enriched and enhanced by contributions of immigrant students, staff, colleagues, and neighbors. Let me take this opportunity to echo both President McRobbie’s statement yesterday and Provost Robel’s statement today, and encourage us all to find meaningful ways to show support to those marginalized again and again.  How might you feel if your home and way of life were threatened to be taken away? And so, how can you help show your support for those who live in fear? As President McRobbie stated, “…we remain fully committed to ensuring a welcoming, safe, and civil community for all IU students.” Let us do our part as educators in our residence centers to demonstrate this value day in and day out.


CAPS will be waiving the student fee for those students needing support during this difficult time and La Casa will be hosting an event tonight to talk with students about their concerns.Counseling Center staff will be on site, is my understanding, 7pm at La Casa, 715 E 7th Street, Bloomington, IN.


To learn more about DACA, a fellow educator from another campus shared the below and I share them with you now.

·       You may not always know when a student is undocumented/DACA, but if you do, now is a good time to check in on how they are doing. If students have already renewed their DACA, they may be ok for 2 years. Students may be able to renew until Oct. 5th but there are restrictions. If students cannot get DACA renewed and if Congress does not act, they may be deported or lose work eligibility and more. It is a scary period for many DACA students. If you are unfamiliar with this student population, here are some resources to learn more.

·       National Education Association -

·       IU Resources for Undocumented & DACA students – list of all commitments & resources + information on how DACA ends in 6 months

·       Educators for Fair Consideration – overview of DACA and what it is

·       We are Here to Stay – resources on mental health support, FAQs, and more

·       Remezcla – what ending DACA will do (work permits, etc.)…/culture/irli-daca-recipients-rights/…

·       History of State Policies & Laws affecting Undocumented Students

·       College-bound undocumented students fact sheet – statistics and information

·       DACA government website + FAQ on 2017 announcement…/consideration-deferred-action-child……/frequently-asked-questions-rescission…

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