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    Claire Houterman


    Claire Houterman is a senior studying Biology and Spanish.  Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Claire has thoroughly enjoyed immersing herself in the IU and Bloomington communities over the last few years and introducing students and community members to the glories of a Wisconsin upbringing.  She contributes the personal and leadership development during her four years to the people and experiences that she had as a member for RHA, and hopes to bring a sense of camaraderie, culture of care, and comfort to RHA members and residence hall students.  

     Emily Francisco 

    Vice President of
    Internal Affairs
    Emily Francisco is a senior majoring in Speech and Hearing Science with a certificate in Neuroscience and a minor in Education. This year she hopes to make the General Assembly meetings more well-known and well-attended among the residence hall students. She is looking forward to a great year!!

    Kevin Tanner

    Vice President of Programming

    Kevin Tanner is a senior majoring in Informatics with a minor in Computer Science.  Kevin is excited to be working with such a wonderful and talented group of people.  Kevin is looking forward to using his position to bring great programs to the residence halls!

    Brittany Hecht

    Vice President of
    Student Affairs

    Brittany is very excited to be involved in the Residence Halls Association this year as the Vice President of Student Affairs. She will be working on initiatives to better the experience of students who live and work in the residence halls. Brittany is a senior studying outdoor recreation, parks and human ecology. She enjoys exploring the parks and restaurants that make Bloomington a wonderful place to live and playing sports with friends.

    Shelby Beil

    Chief of Staff

    Shelby is a junior majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and History. She hopes to attend medical school at the Indiana University School of Medicine after finishing her undergraduate degree. Shelby is involved in the community as a mentor for Big Brother, Big Sister and enjoys going to Indiana University sporting events in her free time. Go Hoosiers!

    Ally Shambaugh

    Director of Public Relations 
    Ally is a junior majoring in Biology and Chemistry.  She lives in Union Street and loves it! Ally's day consists of class, sleeping, homework, eating, and watching too much Netflix! Ally hopes everyone loves IU as much as she does and wants to create a community within the residential halls so it feels like home! She loves people, squirrels, and coffee mugs! She hopes to one day live in Alaska and own a fishing boat. 

    Ansley Hendrix

    Director of Arts
    Ansley is a junior majoring in Arts Management and minoring in Music and Spanish.  She has lived in the same building on the same floor in the same room of Ashton for three years.  Ansley joined RHA as the Director of Arts because she has a passion for the arts, especially classical music, and saw a need for increased awareness for the tremendous arts-related opportunities on campus.  Her goal this year is to demonstrate that art is not confined to a canvas, bar lines, or a stage but that it exists all around us and pervades every aspect of life.  She is excited to see what the year brings and is eager to collaborate with any and all interested persons or organizations.

    Meredith Waters

    Director of Environmentalism  

    Meredith Waters is a senior majoring in English with minors in Marketing, History and Spanish. She enjoys groceries, looking at pictures, and sitting down. A goal she has for this year is to create more permanent educational materials within the residence halls about IU's recycling program, and she also wants to work on making RHA and center-level programs more sustainable. 

    Vamanan Gopalakrishnan

    Director of Social Advocacy
    Vamanan Gopalakrishnan is currently a Junior majoring in Legal Studies and minoring in Policy Analysis. He lives in Foster quad this year and joined RHA as the Director of Social Advocacy because he really enjoy bringing people together. Having lived in China for eight years, India and Singapore before that, and now the US for seven years, he has been exposed to many different cultures and use this appreciation for diversity to make people more comfortable. Vamanan loves playing soccer and watching funny movies at night with friends. This year he hopes to highlight the cultural diversity of our campus while fostering awareness for GLBT rights.

    Brian Mitchell

    Director of Finance

    Brian Mitchell, the RHA Director of Finance, resides in Rose residence hall. He is pursuing bachelors' degrees in accounting and operations management. Brian is a faithful Catholic who loves running, swimming, football, mathematics, and art. His favorite quote is as follows:

    "Listen to your conscience, because that is where the Holy Spirit speaks to you." -Ronald Reagan

    Mark Wise

    National Communication Coordinat
    Mark Wise is a junior majoring in Microbiology with minors in Chemistry, Psychology, and Social Science in Medicine. His goal is to attend a local medical school and to become a general surgeon. As a freshman, he lived in Teter and was involved in Teter Quad Student Government as the Vice-President of Internal Affairs - Teter's Tight! He currently lives in Willkie, is a Floor President, and serves RHA as the National Communications Coordinator. His mission this year is to recruit a diverse group of ambitious residence hall student leaders to attend conferences. In his (somewhat) free time, he loves listening to vinyl records, attending concerts, and playing his electric and acoustic guitars.

    Aaron Carow

    Directory of
    Aaron Carow is the 2013-2014 Director of Outreach for RHA. In this role, he plans to introduce ways for residents to get involved in the community. He is a junior in Kelley and is majoring in business management with a nonprofit management minor from SPEA. His activities include Civic Leadership Development (a volunteer organization in Kelley) and Cru (a Christian group on campus). In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing games/sports, and watching movies/TV.

    Megan Van Pelt

    Director of Health and
    Student Services
    Megan Van Pelt is an active, happy, and talkative young woman at Indiana University. She is working towards getting her degree in Elementary Education. She loves getting egg white omelets from Village Deli and chewing pink orbit chewing gum. Upon graduating she plans on working with underprivileged children through the Teach For America program. Megan is currently training for a full marathon and is looking forward to finally completing this during the Fall. She spends many hours coxing the Indiana Women's Rowing team on Lake Lemon. Furthermore, this is Megan's 3rd year with RHA, and she has big plans for the 2013-2014 school year.
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