Academic Programs Committee 
APC is chaired by the VP of Staff and Administration and discusses living-learning centers and thematic communities. The committee examines operations, curriculum, and how best to disburse funds to various student groups on campus.

Campus Housing Advisory Committee
CHAC discusses issues related to housing and campus in general. Representatives include faculty, RPS staff, and RHA students. This committee is an initiative of the Provost's office and is chaired by an appointed faculty member.

Funding Board
This is the board that provides funding to student groups/organizations that want to host programs that benefits residents in some capacity. To submit an application to this board, please visit this link.

Internal Affairs Committee
Chaired by the VP of Internal Affairs, this committee discusses issues pertaining to RHA and its internal structure, including constitutional issues, changes to by-laws, appointment of election commissioners, and more.

Meal Plan Committee
This committee reviews the dining facilities on campus including c-stores, kiosks, and dining halls. The committee is chaired by an RHA VP and consists of RHA representatives and RPS Administrators.

Programming Board
The main programming arm of RHA, dedicated to providing quality events for the IU campus. Consists of students and RHA directors. 

Rates and Budget Committee
This committee meets on occasion to discuss changes for costs related to RPS.  

Safety Advisory Committee
This is an ad-hoc committee that examines the safety needs of students on campus and in the residence halls. 

Student Health Committee
This is an ad-hoc committee that examines the health needs of students with a specific focus on sexual, mental, and dietary health.

Sustainability Committee 
This committee examines the potential areas that IU could be more sustainable. It is chaired by the Director of Sustainability. 

Transportation Board
This committee meets on occasion to address the transportation needs of students, with a heavy focus on public bus transportation.