Past Events

Here are just a few of the events and activities that we have done in the past.

Charlotte's Web Reading Day

EPO members volunteered their time at the Indiana Free Library's Charlotte's Web Reading Day. Students helped with crafts, games, and puppet shows!


YMCA Halloween Party 

Students planned a party for the children of the Indiana YMCA. The children came in costumes and  played Halloween games with the members of EPO. Treats and prizes were awarded to the children.

Bag Stuffing 

        We collected old bags, stuffed animals, and books which were put together in kits.  These kits were then delivered to the Alice Paul House, a shelter for battered women, and given to the children currently living there.

Visit to PACE 

        Students went for a tour of the PACE School in Pittsburgh.  PACE is an approved private school for students with emotional and behavior problems.  Students observed different classrooms in the school and spoke with administration about how the school ran. 

Library Fundraiser

        Members assisted during a fundraiser to buy more books for the Indiana County Library.