I take life as a nice gift, even if I don’t always feel like it really is. But let’s face it: I have it and I should get used with it, good or bad. I choose to make it better and enjoy it, than seeing how it fades away.

I’m single, if that’s how they call it when not married. (status to be changed soon) I believe in the family values and hopefully I’ll have my family one day. Nothing is more precious when you wake up in a morning and see you’re a grandpa. :)

When not working I like to have fun with friends or family. I’ve many choices and never get bored of them if I don’t repeat one many times: sports, healthy life, music, movies, driving, computers, travels - and probably more. I like to compete, thou’ it’s not what guides me in life. But competing makes everything so fun!...

Well... this section is gonna be very long, I feel it. Until then, anything you’d like to know - just give it a shoot. It’s gonna be a waste of time to wait till I fill in here. Ask what you want, you’ll get to the point much faster!