when technology meets fun and joy (by iulian.mitrica)

Hello world!


Well... this is my first attempt to update regularly a website about myself. It started back in 2006 and hopefully it will not be boring.

I must say "thanks" to everyone for suggestions over time. I'm open to ideas about how to improve it and I'd like this website to evolve in the way people would like it to be. As of myself, I wish to be simple and easy to read. I'll do my best to keep it up to date.

This is to clarify some things:

- this website is intended as a small presentation of myself (at the moment of writing only in English because I've friends who doesn't speak Romanian; in the future there will be a Romanian version as well)

- I know the content is poor, but it's ready to thrive, to evolve; I'm open to suggestions about how to make improvements and what kind of information shall I add

- although I do my best to pay attention at spelling, corrections are always welcome

- pictures will be added when I'll have free time; some people like it simple, I prefer it simple too; links to my online albums is probably the best choice (some work to do though)

Enjoy reading and do not hesitate to contact me for suggestions or comments.


[last update: 2009.04]