Not much to write here since I’m not bound to anything eccentric and I don’t have passion for a specific activity or object. I’m a balanced and adaptive person, I can easily change one activity that I like with another, and still enjoy the essence: details. I’m very patient and I pay attention to details.

I may say that music is one of my favorite activities. I’m an italo-disco freak, like other good friends I have in my life. I use to listen music everywhere and every time, thou’ I’m not obsessed. Other than italo-disco, my favorite genres are: 80’s disco, vocal trance, techno, remixes, club, dance, chillout, soundtracks... maybe more. My favorites composers are Dieter Bohlen and Michael Cretu, but many others I like as well. I always listen with pleasure to bands or artists like Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue, Fancy, Mark Ashley, ATB, Abba, Julio Iglesias - to name just a few. Well... there’s too much to say about music in just a few minutes I have to type some text here and not leave this page empty. :)

An important part of my life is doing sports. I used to play football in a club for many years and I still play for my pleasure. I also like tennis, basketball, ping-pong, bowling, skating, sky and many others. I use to have some action when going out. I get bored easily if no activity.

Enough for now, I’ll soon add more.