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Iuliana Matei

      Professional Adress: 
       IÉSEG - Paris
       Socle de la Grande-Arche
       1 Parvis de la Défense.
       92044 Paris-La Défense cedex 
Research interests:  International Macroeconomics, International Finance (contagion, financial crisis, debt markets), 
                                European Monetary Integration, Applied Econometrics (time series and panel data methods) 
                                FDI (institutional determinants) & Energy economics.                  

Curriculum vitae 

Current position:

2011  ...              Adjunct professor, IÉSEG  School of Management - Paris
2007  2014         Research Affiliate, CES - University of Paris 1: Development & Globalization team

Previous positions:

2016 - 2017            Lecturer Teaching Fellow,  University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
2010  Feb/Sept.    Lecturer, Economics Department, University of Evry
2007  2008           Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Bretagne Occidentale
2005  2007           Lecturer (ATER)Economics Department, University of Evry
2005  spring         Visiting Ph.D. scholar, Economics Department, Brown University, USA    
2002 – 2005           Teaching assistant, Faculty of Economics, University of Paris 1
2002 - 2006            Ph.D. student, TEAM - University of Paris 1 and CNRS
Feb. 2002- 2006 - PhD Thesis in Economics, University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. Title: Pegging the small currencies to the euro.
Jury: Antoine de Masson d'Autume (Professor at University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Gérard Duchene (Professor at University Paris-Estreferee), Mathilde Maurel (Researcher CNRS & University of Paris 1president of jury), Dominique Redor (Professor at University of Paris-Est, referee) and Taoufik Rajhi (Professor at University of Poitiers, Paris 1 & AFDB, advisor). Defended December 2006. 
2005 – Visiting PhD student supervised by Professor Emeritus of Economics Peter Howitt, Brown University, Economics Department, Providence, USA
2001  Master (DEA) in International and Development Economics, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne 
2000  License in International Economics, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Scholarships, Grants and Short‐term research invitations:
2017 - March      IAES (International Atlantic Economic Society), Member of the March Month, Berlin
2015 - Feb.         IAW (Institut fr Angewandte Wirtschaftsforschung e.V.), Tübingen
2010 - March      CNRS Spring School on the Evaluation of public policies, Aussois          
2007 - 2008        Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Bretagne Occidentale
2005 - Spring      Ph.D. Scholarship,  Brown University, Economics Department, Providence, USA
2000-2001          French Government Scholarship for master studies, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Different research responsabilities:
  • Participation in Funded Research Projects:
          2007-2008 ANR-IFB Grant - CHALOUPE (CHAngement gLObal, dynamiqUe de la biodiversité marine exploitée et viabilité des PEcheries)
  • Participation in the Scientific Boards:        
  •  Member of the 2017 IAES prize Comitee for Best Undergraduate Paper Competition, Montréal, Canada
            Member of the 2016 IAES prize Comitee for Best Undergraduate Paper Competition, Washington D.C., USA.

 1 /  Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals:
   Publications in Journals ranked CNRS:
   [1Matei, I. (2017) Is there a link between Renewable Energy Consumption and Economic Growth? A dynamic panel investigation
         for the OECD countries, Revue d'économie politique, Vol. (127(6), pp. 985-1012.
   [2]  Matei, I. (2014) "Finance as a driver of growth? Evidence for EU countries", Revue d'économie politique, Vol. 124 (4), pp. 571-586. 
   [3]  Matei, I. (2013) "Government bond market linkages within EMU: evidence from a multivariate Granger causality analysis",

         Economics BulletinVol. 33(3), pp. 1885 - 98, .pdf 

   [4]  Le Floc'h ,P., I. Matei and T. Mehmet, ( 2012) "Commercial sizes and prices on the French Monkfish fishery: a time series analysis"
          Bruxelles Economic ReviewVol. 55(1), pp. 97-115.
   [5]  Matei ,I. (2010) "Contagion and causality: an empirical analysis on sovereign bond spreads",  Economics Bulletin , Vol 30, No. 3, 
         pp.1885-1896, .pdf         

   [6]  Matei, I. (2009) "Testing for price convergence: how close are EU New Member States to euro zone?",  Economics Bulletin, 
        Vol. 29 (4), pp. 3083-94, .pdf

   [7]  Héricourt, J. and I. Matei, (2007) "Transmission de la politique monétaire dans les PECO: que savons-nous vraiment?"
        Économie et Prévision, Vol. 180 -181, pp 221-238, .pdf.

  Publications in Journals non-ranked CNRS:
  [8]  Matei, I. (2016) "The link between energy consumption and economic growth: empirical evidence for Black Sea countries",
        The British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade, Vol. 14(1), pp. 1-8.

  [9]  Matei, I. and C. Stamin (2016) "Explaining the relationship between energy consumption and economic growth in a dynamic panel model:
        Are the BRICs countries different?", International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research, Vol 2(7), 183-188.

  [10]  Matei, I (2013) "Empirical analysis of the links between sovereign bond markets and economic growth for European non- EMU countries",

        Banks and Bank Systems, Vol. 8(3), pp. 58-71.

  [11]  Krifa-Schneider, H. and I. Matei, (2010) "Business climate, political risk and FDI in developing countries: evidence from panel data", 
        International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 2(5), pp. 54-65, .pdf


2/    Working papers (submitted/in revision):

   2017    Does energy consumption stimulate economic growth? Empirical evidence for Emerging European countries

   2017    Understanding the relationship between energy consumption and economic growth in the BRICS countries

   2017    Is there a link between economic growth and environmental degradation? Revisiting the EKC for OECD countries

   2011    Political Risk and FDI in developing and transition countries (with H. Krifa-Schneider).

3/   Works in progress :
           - Financial development and economic growth nexus: new evidence for Emerging European countries
           - Empirical evidence on sovereign bond spread drivers in the euro area market (with A. Cheptea) 
          -  Regulation, institutions and FDI: An Empirical Study (with H. Krifa-Schneider and T. Verbeke)
           -  Interactions between inflation, debt and economic growth: lessons from euro area countries
4 /  Chapters in books:
 2018   Matei I. ”Sovereign debt crisis and economic growth: new evidence from euro area” In ”Handbook Apllied Econometrics
            Financial Mathematics, Volatility and Covariance Modelling", forthcoming.

 2015   Matei, I., "Are price dynamics homogenous across Emerging Europe? Empirical evidence from panel data”, in Monetary Policy, 
            Eds: W. Barnett and F. Jawadi, Emerald Publishing.

 2014   Matei, I., "Finance and Growth Causality: empirical evidence for Emerging Europe", chapter in book Market Microstructure and Nonlinear  Dynamics -
            Keeping Financial Crisis in Context, Eds: Gille Dufrénot, F. Jawadi  & W. Louhichi, Springer - Verlag.
 2012  Matei, I., Cheptea, A., "Sovereign bond spread drivers in the EU market in the aftermath of the global financial crisis”, chapter in book Advances in   
          Econometrics: Essays in honor of Jerry HausmanEds: Badi H. Baltagi, Whitney K. Newey, Halbert L. White & R. Carter Hill, Chapter 12, Vol. 29, pp.327-352
 2012   Matei, I. "Euro zone bond market and economic growth: a time series analysis”, chapter in book Recent Developments in Alternative Finance: Empirical
            Assessments and Economic ImplicationsEds: W. Barnett and F. Jawadi, Emerald Publishing, Vol. 22, pp. 39-51.
 2011   Matei I. ”Contagion et causalité: une investigation empirique”, chapter in book Les enseignements de la crise des subprimes, in A. Diemer et S. Dozolme,
            Editions Clément Juglar, pp. 203-211.
 2010   Matei, I., European Exchange rate credibility: an empirical analysis”, chapter in Nonlinear Modeling of Economic and Financial Time-Series
            Vol. 020 (chapter 5), Eds.William Barnett & F. Jawadi, International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics      
 2007   Héricourt J. & I. Matei,”Impact des chocs monétaires dans les Pays de l'Europe Centrale et Orientale: Quelles implications pour l’adoption de l’euro?” in,
            Krifa-Schneider, L’élargissement européen: quels enjeux et défis majeurs?, Paris: L’Harmattan, pp. 89-109 .pdf    
5 /   Other publications (procedings, working papers...):
  2011 "Regulation, institutions and FDI: An Empirical Study" (with Krifa-Schneider, H., Verbeke, T),  Proceedings of 72th IAES Conference,                                
            Washington DC, 20-23 October.
 2009 "Prices and output co-movements: an empirical investigation for the CEECs", Les Cahiers de recherche de l'ESCENo. 11, pp. 283-305.
  2008  "Capital dynamics under long-term changes in marine fish communities: the case of French fleets exploiting..” in, Proceedings of the 14th Conference 
             of the International Institute of Fisheries Econ. and Trade IIFET (with Le Floc'h P.,  O. Thébaud,  Daurès F., Jezequel S, M. Travers). pdf


  2005   "Crise et contagion: cas des Pays de l'Europe de l'Est"   (avec M. Ben Abdallah) Cahiers de la MSE, Série Blanche # 2005.44   . pdf

Referee reports: Economic Modelling, Empirical Economics, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Bankers Markets and Investors, Economics Bulletin,
Economie Internationale/International Economics, International Review of Applied Economics, Advances in Econometrics - Essays in Honor of Jerry Hausman (Emerald Publishing),
Research in Business and Management, Alternative Finance (Emerald Publishing), Handbook: Market microstructure and non-linear dynamics (Springer Publishing),
Cogent Economics and Finance.

Other referee activities:
Referee for international conferences such as:
- the International Atlantic Economic Society (IAES 2018 London, IAES 2017 Montréal, IAES 2016 Washington DC)
- the INFINITI Conferences (2018 Poznań; 2017, Valencia; 2016 Dublin; 2015 Ljubljana).
Teaching Experience:
2016 - 2018    University of Paris 1, Teaching activities: Financial Econometrics (graduate)
2016 - 2018    IÉSEG Paris, Adjunct professor: Optimization methods (undergraduate)
2011 - 2018    IÉSEG Paris, Adjunct professor: macroeconomics, applied mathematics in economics, econometrics (undergraduate)
2012 - 2018    IÉSEG Paris, Adjunct professorstatistics and probabilities (undergraduate)
2009 - 2010    Rouen Business School, External lecturer: international finance (graduate)
2009 - 2010    University of Evry val d'Essonne, Assistant professor: econometrics, statistics (undergraduate)
2007 - 2008    ISG Paris, External lecturer: macroeconomics, international economics (undergraduate)
2005 - 2007    University of Evry, Assistant professor: introduction in financial theories, economic methods (undergraduate)
2002 - 2005    University of Paris 1, Teaching assistant: macroeconomics, mathematics, financial mathematics (undergraduate)   

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