Welcome to the
Kelley Direct Healthcare Industry Club

The Kelley Direct Healthcare Industry Club is creating a robust community of Kelley Direct students employed or interested in the areas of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and hospital administration.


    To promote the interaction between and sharing of knowledge of Kelley community members and healthcare institutions within Indiana and beyond.


    1. Provide a forum for healthcare discussion and networking (via LinkedIn and other on-line media forums).
    2. Determine cases or areas where healthcare information (online, webinars, newsletters, etc.) could be incorporated in Kelley courses.  We will offer KD students or faculty a recap of national, regional and sub-industry specific discussions and how it relates to the Kelley curriculum.
    3. Provide mentorship for ECBLS members to transfer to Kelley Direct.
    4. Provide career advice and job posting info, whenever available.
    5. Provide leadership opportunities for its members.