IUFRO Workshop on Biological Invasions in Forests

The IUFRO Task Force on Biological Invasions in Forests is organizing a conference that will address all aspects of the problem of biological invasions in forests. Invasions represent one of the most serious threats to the sustainable management of forests. Worldwide, invasions by a variety of types of organisms are transforming normal ecological functioning and disrupting the ways that humans use and value forests.

Recognizing the need to address the problem on a global scale, IUFRO has formed a task force to synthesize knowledge on the problem. The workshop will serve as forum for the exchange of information and the development of new syntheses of that knowledge.

The workshop will consist of invited presentations by an international panel of scientists as well as a limited number of contributed presentations. Scientific presentations will span 3 days 18-21 July with an all-day field trip the final day of 21 July. Attendance at the meeting is appropriate for both scientists as well as stakeholders and policymakers. Please fill-out the information card if you are interested in attending the meeting.

contact: Andrew Liebhold, US Forest Service Northern Research Station (aliebhold@fs.fed.us)

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