After successfully conducting various workshops including Compiler Design using MATLAB during IUCEE Faculty Leadership Institute (FLI) 2010 Summer program, Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Punjab, India, proudly announces the hand-on
workshop on Mobile Robotics to be held from January 3 – 7, 2011.

The course aims to provide a common platform for faculty, research scholars and designers from academia to engage themselves in a robotics project.

This workshop course will also serve the technical institutes and participants who plan to set up a Robotics Lab at their home institutions and impart related courses at undergraduate and post-graduate engineering level.

The objective of hands-on workshop on Mobile Robotics is to provide complete insight into design and development of autonomous mobile robots.

Both hardware (sensors, DC motor drive circuits, servo motors, interface circuits, open-source microcontroller hardware) and software (feedback and behavior-based control) aspects will be tackled.

Mechanical engineering principles as well as programmable embedded control will also be covered. 

All material will be delivered via an integrated presentation of theoretical and practical aspects, supported with exercises and applications to real-world mobile robots.

The course was held January 3 - 7 at Chitkara!

From the Sumo Robot contest!