Basin Analysis & Helium Thermochronology Laboratory

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Julie Fosdick

Assistant Professor
Geological Sciences
Indiana University
1001 East 10th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-6109

Rsme Ali

Joel Leonard

Ellen Reat

Louis Wersan

Gustavo Ortiz (UNSJ)


Renovation of GY445 for the Basin Analysis & Helium Thermochronology Laboratory (BAHTL) at Indiana University is nearly complete. The BAHTL facility will be equipped with a helium gas extraction and measurement system (Santa Cruz Laser Microfurnace custom design), a clean lab for mineral dissolution chemistry, a polarized stereomicroscope for sample preparation, and new student office spaces equipped with two workstations on the 4th floor of the Geology Building. This new laboratory will supports state-of-the-art analytical techniques in low-temperature (U-Th)/He thermochronology to study thermal and exhumational histories of the Earth's crust and sediments.


Ongoing Research:

  • Interactions between tectonics and sedimentation in the Magallanes Basin, Patagonia
Kinematic evolution of the Patagonian fold-thrust belt and foreland basin history here

  • Sediment recycling and basin thermal histories during foreland basin evolution
- First Look: new paper recently accepted for publication in Basin Research here

  • Orogen-scale signals of long-term erosional flux
- Check out our recent paper on the Patagonian Andes here

- Thermochronologic work in the Argentine Precordillera fold-thrust belt of the southern Central Andes suggest erosion is concentrated in areas of most recent faulting and revision of faulting chronology (paper in preparation for publication in Geology) 

  • Lithospheric flexure and mechanisms of foreland basin formation
- Flexural modeling of deflection patterns in the Magallanes retroarc foreland basin reveals the importance of lithospheric thinning and sediment loading on regional subsidence patterns (paper in press, Tectonics)   
  • Detrital provenance record of transform faulting in tectonically active settings
- New funding from Southern California Earthquake Center supports a study of the Mission Creek fault strand of the southern San Andreas Fault zone (SCEC Award 140414) with Kimberly Blisniuk and M.S. student Louis Wersan.

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