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dk  Dr. Dinakar Kanjilal
Director, IUAC,
 He is the co-ordinator of Materials Science Group.
drambuj Dr. Ambuj Tripathi
Scientist G,

He is in-charge for Materials Science (Beamline facilities & SPM/SEM) Lab. He has played a key role in setting up of materials science beamline and many in-situ/on-line facilities including in-situ STM, on-line ERDA and in-situ XRD facilities. His areas of research are:(1) Ion beam induced modification of surfaces and interfaces and (2) Synthesis and characterization of nanostructures. More

 Dr. Debdulal Kabiraj
Scientist G,
drasokan Dr. K. Asokan
Scientist F,

His principal areas of research and experience are:

  1. Electronic structure of materials; semiconductors, oxides using Synchrotron Radiation based techniques like x-ray absorption spectroscopy and related spectroscopies
  2. Ion beam interaction in materials
vvsk Mr. V. V. Siva Kumar
Scientist F,

His main area of interest is thin film deposition by RF magnetron sputtering and microwave plasma CVD/sputtering. He is also active in many other developments for the Materials Science Group.

drfouran Dr. Fouran Singh
Scientist F,

He is involved in the development and utility of the facilities of spectroscopic and structural characterizations like PL, IL, UV-Visible, micro-Raman, FTIR and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Research interests are in the synthesis and tailoring of nanocomposites, nanostructures, wide band gap semiconducting materials and defects in insulators for optoelectronic and Photovoltaic applications.

saif Dr. Saif A. Khan
Scientist E,

His main interests are

  1. Electronic sputtering studies specially utilizing online-ERDA facility
  2. Simulation of Ion irradiation induced modifications in materials using Molecular Dynamics method
  3. Synthesis and modification of metal nanostructures by energetic particles and its atomistic simulations
pawan Dr. Pawan Kumar Kulriya
Scientist E,

His current research interests are

  • Synthesis and modifications of metal nanocomposite by ion irradiation
  • Ferromagnetism at nanodimensions in the non-magnetic metals
  • Palladium based hydrogen sensors
  • Developments related to insitu x-ray diffractometer
indra Dr. Indra Sulania
Scientist D,

She is mainly working on Scanning Probe Microscopy and micro-Raman spectroscopy facilities. Her area of research interest is the investigations of nanostructures formation on various materials and thin films due to low energy ion beams. These nanostructures include nanoripples, nanodots, nanoholes etc.

 Mr. Ramcharan Meena
Scientist C
His research interest is in electrical and transport measurements at low temperature.
 Mr. Ambuj Mishra
Scientist C