Energetic ions play a vital role in materials science as they can produce systems away from the thermodynamic equilibrium. The ions in different energy regimes, ranging from a few hundreds of eV to a few hundreds of MeV have different roles in materials.

Broadly, these energetic ions are useful in different ways:

  1. synthesis of materials,
  2. modification of materials, and
  3. characterization of materials.

Defect engineering in materials is of importance. The two parameters of ion beam, which play crucial role in defect engineering, are the ion mass and its energy, which decide the magnitudes of the electronic as well as nuclear energy losses. The other interesting aspect of swift heavy ions is the characterization of materials by elastic recoil detection analysis. Modification of materials properties mainly with the use of energetic heavy ions, and elemental analysis capability are available at the centre, giving unique opportunities to materials scientists.