Ity Shurtz


Refereed Journal Publications:

The accident externality of driving: Evidence from observance of the Jewish Sabbath in Israel 
with Issi Romem
Journal of Urban Economics, 96 (2016): 36-54.

The impact of financing of screening tests on utilization and outcomes: the case of amniocentesis
with Amnon Brzezinski and Ayala Frumkin
Journal of Health Economics, 48 (2016): 61-73.

Malpractice Law, Physicians' Financial Incentives, and Medical Treatment: How Do They Interact?
Journal of Law and Economics, 57(1) (2014): 1-29.

The impact of medical errors on physician behavior: Evidence from malpractice litigation
Journal of Health Economics, 32(2)  (2013): 331-340.

Working Papers