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Thank you to all the participants of iTWIST 2012 for having contributed to the success of this workshop!

The final program is available online here.

Some presentations and posters can be downloaded here.

Aims of the workshop:

By the advent of increased computing capabilities, along with recent theoretical and numerical breakthroughs in the fields of Signal Processing, Advanced Sparse Signal Representations, Inverse Problem solving and Convex Optimization, the term “Sensing” is no more a synonym for directly rendering human readable signals. More efficient systems than state of the art can be built by strongly interconnecting sensor design, signal reconstruction algorithms and prior knowledge of the signals of interest. This is for instance the paradigm shift advocated by the recent theory of Compressed Sensing (CS).

The aim of iTWIST '12 workshop is to gather researchers studying sparse signal models in general (e.g., model based or structured sparsity, cosparsity, compressibility, ...), from a theoretical and/or an applied point of view, whatever the signal geometry (1-D, n-D, graph, video, ...).

One implicit objective of this workshop is to foster collaboration between international scientific teams by disseminating ideas through specific presentations. This event will take place in the "Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques" (CIRM), surrounded by the wonderful Calanques landscape of Marseille.


This first i-TWIST workshop will deal with the central theme of

"Generalized sparsity in high-dimensional geometries",

and the range of topics will include (but may not be limited to):
  • Graph theory and applications 
  • Dictionary learning 
  • Sparse models in machine learning 
  • Compressed sensing 
  • Emerging and innovative acquisition technologies such as:
    • compressive imagers
    • hyperspectral imaging 
    • analog to information converter
    • coded aperture system
    • computational photography
    • any other
  •  Applications to real-life problems (astronomy, biomedical, industry, multimedia and any other field ... ).