Blended Classroom

Jon Bergman and Aaron Sams created the flipped classroom model about 5 years ago in Colorado.  They decided to flip their classrooms after they asked this simple question:  
What is the best use of the limited class time?  Since then teachers all over the country have begun flipping or blending the way in which they teach.  Blended learning occurs when students watch a short video to introduce a new concept at home.  When they come in in the morning they no longer have to go over homework, and sit for a lecture, students can jump right into solving math problems or receiving extra help.  This allows for more problem based learning or real world learning to be taking place in class.  By flipping your classroom you allow more time to help the students rather than lecture the students and take homework inventory.  If you would like to read about my story of before and after the flip, you can go here, where Jon Bergman asked me to write about my story.  

1.    You need a Gmail account
Let's face it if you don't have one now you really need to get ne, just for all the cool free stuff that comes with it.  With a Gmail account you will be able to create Google Forms, upload videos to YouTube, and have all your homework corrected, for free!

2.    Creating a website with Google Sites

3.    Create a Screencast

4.      Create Google Forms documents

5.    Use Flubaroo

Peter Pappas has developed a Power Point on how to start a flipped classroom.

The Flipped Classroom: Getting Started
View more presentations from Peter Pappas

If you prefer to have a cheat sheet to guide you as you are working you can click on the Google tab at the top of the page where there are PowerPoints on how to do some of the things mentioned on this page.