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Google gadget-Lesson 1


creating gadget :

Gadget structure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<ModulePrefs title="Title of the gadget
(eg:bbc news,games)"

 directory_title="Title of the directory(eg:bbc news,games)" 

description="description about the gadget(eg:This gadget is used to convert binary to decimal)"

 author="your name(eg:praveen)"

 author_email="your mail id("

 author_photo="your photo url(eg:"

 author_aboutme="its about you"

 author_link="your web site url(eg:"

author_quote="some quotes"

  screenshot="screenshot of the gadget(eg:"

thumbnail="thumbnail of the gadget(eg:"

author_location="your address"

 author_affiliation="your affiliation"

 title_url="url linked with title of the gadget(eg:"




 category="news/fun/tools/sports/communication/lifestyle/Technology/Finance" category2="same as category"/>

<Content type="html">


java script

vb script




This the structure of the gadget.fill the appropriate values .If you dont need give the value as none are u and skip the attribute eg:author_affiliation="none" or event you can skip the author_affiliation but following attribute cannot be skiped

1.title 2.author_emial

category is the type of the gadget and if need gadget to display more than one type you can use category2 and category3

with in the CDATA you can give any html code and script

save it as filename.xml(eg:bbc.xml)

you need to upload the xml file to your host page like google's or yahoo's

this the end of lessson 1


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