Hello!  My name is Irene Thomas.  I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  At the age of 16, I moved to Minnesota, and presently reside there.  Born the only girl with 2 brothers, I learned to carry myself like a lady from my Mom and the hustle and grind from my brothers.

I never really considered modeling, but was convinced to give it a shot by friends and family.  I am a very open minded, diverse and creative individual that is eager to work with other professionals with “vision” to create images.  I want to create images that have an impact, make a statement, and tell a story.

Being in front of the camera to me is like escaping the world around me and going off to somewhere fun and peaceful…
I am easy going and have been told I am fun to work with; I laugh easily and have a wicked sense of humor for the most part.

Modeling is my addiction, yet I never take it for granted. I bring inspiration, vision and a yearning to express life.