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Below are some of the projects, project synopsis, project titles, project documentation for Mini projects BCA, MCA, Btech, Computer science, BIT, MIT, Ms computer science for project help, project guidance

Students are strictly suggested to not use below project reports for LIVE PROJECTS
Make sure that for LIVE projects your are getting a Client certificate
This guarantees the project as live .
For live projects:
  • join any software company that takes students for live projects 
    join student live projects providing companies /institutions
  • Contact nearby schools / hospitals / supermarkets or any other office. propose your plan of computerisation of existing system & benefits of it. Ask them to give a certificate on succesful completion. keep this certificate in you project report.Take guidance of an expert ( lecturer or software developer) to develop the system properly.
  • For web hosting for your web projects: Web Hosting
Students can use the below project reports as an idea to develop projects & mini projects.All the projects contain requirements. Students can use these to develop their own mini project choosing their own platform.check the report format below & the project report you selected & fill any incomplete specifications.

Mini/dummy project reports for some projects:

 project report, Complete, unzip 5 parts
 and combine them.  
 Project report, In complete however has
 requirements. If u are looking for a challeging
 project to work om your own & learn
 making a project choose this. 
 project report on hospital management,
 Network of hospitals-sharing patient
 information complete 
 Online examination project report
 Telephone Billing system
 Telephone system Project report
 Complete, can add testing other
 specifications are complete
 Automated teller machine
 Complete Project report
 with uml diagrams 
 Project report, form & Reports need to generate
 Design them looking at uml diagrams
 Online Library Management system
 Reports need to generate

all the project reports of above are of dummy projects made by some of students & all requirments taken are imaginary.