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DIY wine

DIY wine in Utrecht, The Netherlands

There's a grape tree crawling from downstairs neighbor garden up to upstairs neighbor balcony which gives about 15-20 kg of grapes every year. As wine appreciators and defenders of constructive neighbors relationships, they decided to research and try in the art of making wine. Hereunder the log notes of the preparation and production activities, references and results.
February-March: tree branches and leafs cutting and cleaning
October 1st week: 14Kg of grapes were harvested and 9 bottles of wine were produced.

Recept: dutch book...

January-February: tree branches and leafs cutting and cleaning

    16kg of grapes harvested,
    grapes taken from little branches by had immediately stamped by foot
    400g fine sugar was added to the "Mosto"
Mosto" (stamped grapes) put into a room with dry and temperature above 20Celsius for 7 days for fermentation.
    Every day a big steering, mixing the dry top with the wine below; Dry top are the skins and pit of grapes pushed up by CO2 release