guerrilla  projection  workshop  ~

Thursday, 2nd of July from 18:00 to 23:59.
Location: HoverKraft Lab, Rotsoord 13 G, 3523 CL Utrecht.

Expertise: animation, poetry, illustration, revolutionary skills.
Material: bring your own tools (laptop, camera, etc)
Participation: 5 people max.
Costs: free

Do you see the world in 25 fps? 
Are you a late night poet? 
Can you draw with your toes? 
Are you Banksy's nephew? 

If your answer is WTF then you will feel like a fish in the water at the  guerrilla  projection  workshop . We will meet at the end of the afternoon to show you our latest technologies in urban guerilla action (see movies). Once you become native with it, you will have the opportunity to create your content: animations, images, sentences... From 10pm on, we are going to project your creations on the most prominent spaces in Utrecht.
On this one-night stand you will have the opportunity to:

 *  experiment  with the gadgets.

 *  create  your own guerrilla massage.

 *  act  on the streets all night long ...

Later in August you will be also part of a cultural promotion guerrilla action during the Utrecht "First Year Student week" campaign.                                                                                 


Title: guerrilla projection workshop
Concept: (mini) projectors + short videos or animations + photo or video camera
Date: 2 July 2009
Location: Utrecht
Facilitators: Rui, Nuno, Dirk Jan, Lutsen, Elien

* 8 people participated in the workshop coming from Utrecht, Groningen and Amsterdam.
* The event developed in two parts: first at HoverKraft where 13 people collaboratively developed concepts and guerrilla content; later the attendants move to the city center where their creations were presented in public space.
* The terraces of Ledig' Erf and Zaak were crowded and a lot of people were drawn to attention by the projections.
* In terms of exposure to new people it was a success
* Promote the events in as much possible places

Reactions and results:
* "Targeted people" with "comic balloons" were surprised and curious, and also enjoyed the concept; the Summer relaxing social evening atmosphere helps the concept acceptance a lot;
* The spectators were very curious about the mini projector and the technique;
* We made contact with Franc from the Gemeente with whom we are planning a meeting;
* We received an email to apply for an Provincie Utrecht funding;
* There are several videos and photos reporting the projection and the reactions.

Learning points:
* The ballons work well indoors where white walls in dark places can be used to project;
* Spend some time explaining how to work and to experiment with the mini beamers before projections;
* When there is no surfaces for projections (like on a bar terrace) use participants back as a screen. Animation other than ballons might work better in such situation.
* Facilitate projections by including all images on a single directory.

* Prepare more projection material: videos with moving scenes, more dialog situations.
* Bring some music
* Bring local press for coverage;


Check or update the online report here: