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Marta Ruperez

To avoid a growing tendency towards official anesthesia and conformism by provoking creative antidotes that anyone can contribute to.
To be surrounded by imaginative individuals who intensely believe in what they do. People should choose people to work with, not institutions.
To critically question values, rules and processes that are taken for granted, encouraging people to fully understand themselves so they can construct their own custom-made alternatives.

An art historian… in the wide sense of the word; we aim at understanding, more than recreating.  I am not an artist…! Fascinated by creative dreams that I enjoy trying to materialize.
Enjoy randomness, ephemeral manifestations, process, the integration of different minds into common experiments; playing with all the tools at hand just because we can.

A deep understanding of environmental ‘hardware and software’ – how things and systems work – will allow to stretch the boundaries of what is possible.  It is not a violent revolution; we will play with their rules until we can prove that our way is more efficient.
Will explore different possible arenas for INTK manifestations, bring resources and people together and make things happen.