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Guy Debord?!?

"The Situationist International developed in to a movement committed to the wholesale revolution of every aspect of everyday life, from architecture and urban planning to the most intimate human relationships. This was a highly intellectual but by no means academic exercise: the Situationist promoted the active détournement (subversion) of the highly mediated relations of the spectacle, in part through the creation of spontaneous, participatory situations from which a radical, desiring subjectivity can emerge as a revolutionary force."

interdisciplinary art interventions (experiments), new media (post-media), urban culture, design innovation, mobile technology, open community, social aspects of public space, integrated creativity.

INTK is a cultural organization exploring the intersection of art, technology, urban culture and other fields, collaborating towards common, creative and interdisciplinary experiences.

INTK is a (new media) creative Lab in Utrecht organizing interventions, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and urban events, from and to Utrecht local communities.

INTK is a living community of artists, designers, researchers, digital developers, communicators and urban interventionist, enjoying each others capabilities and the innovative force of cooperative production. 

INTK is for action and pragmatism and strives for concrete results with an impact on society (local communities).

INTK community is structurally integrated in the design and organization of workshops, presentations, exhibitions and new products.

Utrecht is a city rich in artists and creative education, but it looses the creative

Interdisciplinary cooperation

"Interdisciplinary collaborations not only lead to significant innovation and commercial advantage but also embodies, in and of itself, a powerful transformation in our ways of producing, consuming and relating to one another and to our world."

Knowledge exchange between specialties is enlightening not only for the results of any collaboration; the process itself will allow experts to encounter new ways of approaching problems:
"Bien que le travail de recherche de l'artiste soit rarement aussi systématique que celui du scientifique, tous les deux entretiennent une relation à la vie en tant qu'entité, et non pas en terme de détails. En fait, l'artiste aujourd'hui le fait de manière plus conséquente que le scientifique, car avec chacune de ses œuvres il fait face à un tout auto-corrélé, alors que seuls les scientifiques théoriques ont droit à ce luxe d'une vision globale. La principale différence entre les problèmes de l'artiste et du scientifique est la différence dans la forme de leur matérialisation et de leur compréhension/appréhension." (Laszlo Moholy-Nagy)
power to other cities. Local creative minds go on a daily basis to organizations like Waag Society and Mediamatic in Amsterdam, V2_ and Worm in Rotterdam and Tag in The Hague. It is about time for Utrecht to have a cultural organization that capitalizes the local creativity.

has a rich and diverse cultural society that would benefit from a wider offer
could benefit from a wider offer, which invites the city’s residents to get actively involved in local creative events.

Utrecht diverse citizen's deserve a cultural organization that praises their individuality and fosters a common enterprise with a strong sense of shared ownership.

There is the need for cultural brokers, consultants, connectors and 'translators' who drive and facilitate creative encounters, connecting all domains and disciplines. In the current context it is important add to the continuous dynamic of creation and demand for participation, to avoid the stagnation of existing structures.

INTK aims at the public space and social aspects looking for the integration of people from different backgrounds and skills around a common goal are a good catalyst for the merging/ meeting different cultures.

INTK is facilitated with the expertise of established professional and open collaborations. Within our interdisciplinary approach, it is important to not loose the common goal of shared, holistic and integrated creativity.

INTK promotes the cooperation with Utrecht cultural organizations, education institutions, industry and service providers

INTK soon in a space next to you