INTK is a commutiny based plateaux in Utrecht with an unfinished manifesto. A meeting place and lab for fluid collaborative experiments exploring the intersection of ART, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY.

It was possible to beam to the walls of 2 universities:

It was possible to beam at V2_ walls:

It's not that kind of winner.
"It's not that kind of software" wins first prize in the third edition of the competition "ARTE 2.0 VOCENTO: the art of exhibiting art online." The winning proposal "Everybody is a curator" challenges current hierarchies in the art world and explores alternative forms of interaction and participation among the general public. The prize will be received during ARCO Madrid 2011.

In-between @ Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht

One of Özalp Eröz great projects involved personalizing a street lamp by empowering passerby's with the possibility to turn it on and off. Pure open urban design.

INTK cordially invites you to:

www_hack 0.2 @ Berlin

On our way to Berlin.


 guerrilla  projection  workshop 

 see  more  here 

I like it.

The only public space is the private one.

"Here I Web": Workshop outcome 

"It is pretty amazing that a person invites 10 more or less strangers to his house and spends a whole day teaching them things."

by Stefanie Suchy.

by Samantha Thole.

by Cristina Marques.

Our community is someone else commodity.

In-between photography.

We are back to Bristol for an entirely different reason.

We are presenting at ISEA Conference. Come and say "Hello world!".

We are off to Gijon, Laboral and It's not that kind of holidays.

~~ BookFace comments on talk @Laboral~~~~

Read an online review about beamit:

it's not that kind of QueeN!

INTK House

It's not everyday that you have the pleasure to meet someone brilliant. Today was our lucky day. Please meet Kars Alfrink, an interaction designer that you might want to keep your eyes on. Check his work at whatsthehubbub.nl

INTK online and onsite.

"Participation is beautiful, but is a lot of work."
[Karl Valentin]

"If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want to be Part of Your Revolution" 
"Software art" is not art.
[According to the Dutch tax office.]
Catherine Matos Portfolio

Control your means of encounter.

"If video games influenced us, the Pacman generation will be running in dark rooms, eating pills and listening to repetitive music."

YouTube Video

"Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg."